The Entrée Satin Square - Garlic

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Variants: The Entrée Satin Square - Garlic

The Entrée Satin Square - Black Pepper
The Entrée Satin Square - Butterfly Pea
The Entrée Satin Square - Candlenut
The Entrée Satin Square - Chili
The Entrée Satin Square - Garlic
The Entrée Satin Square - Ginger Flower


The recipe for a flavourful relationship calls for a little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice, and a whole lot of nice, which is what makes the journey of Mira Filzah as Secret Recipe’s brand ambassador a tasteful one. Together with Secret Recipe, Mira Filzah is proud to present The Entrée Collection, a collection of scarves that celebrates the relationship between Mira Filzah and Secret Recipe.

Inspired by Mira Filzah’s go-to cooking spices, the collection features 15 ingredients such as chilli, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and many more that are considered staples not only in the world of Secret Recipe but for every Malaysian household too. From the sweetness of dried orange slices to the aromatic scent of rosemary, these ingredients are carefully designed in this collection to create the perfect entrée.

The Entrée Collection comes in 6 eccentric colours that are made with the crowd's favourite satin material. Each scarf comes with a signature Mira Filzah charm and in a customised box that's fun to be kept as collectibles or repurposed into something greater.

Satin Square
Measurement : 115 x 115 cm
Material: Satin
Laser-cut hem details
Signature Mira Filzah silver charm
Completely opaque
Not slippery and easy to style

Packaging Details:
The Entrée Collection comes beautifully packaged in its own customised box.

*Please be informed that the colours may slightly differ due to camera flash and/or computer screen settings