Our Story

How It All Started
My love for entrepreneurship and fashion started during my university days, circa 2011, which also happened to be the peak of my blogging era. I've always had a knack for diving into entrepreneurship while pursuing my career as a freelance model, which led me to start doing my own catalogue photoshoots in the old Myvi I used to drive around in as a student. The love and continuous support from my loved ones inspired me to pursue my passion and start my own brand.

Why I Decided To Create MIRA FILZAH
I've run multiple businesses before, but nothing quite like a brand that was a direct reflection of my vision and values, which is why I decided to create MIRA FILZAH. Having had the honour of being an ambassador for many other brands out there, both on a national and global scales, I realised that I wanted to build something that was truly my own. I wanted to create a brand that would compliment modest women and help them feel more confident and beautiful in my creations.

My Dream for MIRA FILZAH
MIRA FILZAH wouldn't have gotten this far without the immense love and support from the people I admire greatly— my family, friends, and those who have supported my journey since day one. As part of my effort to reciprocate my love and gratitude, this brand is my gift to everyone who has supported and encouraged me even in the smallest way possible.

This era of MIRA FILZAH is a rebirth, a rebrand, and a fresh start. My dream for MIRA FILZAH is to be the go-to brand in Malaysia and to expand globally, In Shaa Allah. I hope to create a community of inspiring and confident women who will come together to support and inspire each other. As a woman, I believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable without compromising style, and our brand is committed to making that a reality. I'm excited to make a positive difference in the lives of women through this brand and to see it grow as beautifully as the MIRA FILZAH journey.