Nour Satin Shawl - Graystone

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Variants: Nour Satin Shawl - Graystone

Nour Satin Shawl - Dark Forest
Nour Satin Shawl - Fairy
Nour Satin Shawl - Graystone
Nour Satin Shawl - Mauve
Nour Satin Shawl - Moon
Nour Satin Shawl - Navy


Step into the light with The Nour collection, MFDarlings.

The Nour collection for satin shawl was designed contrasting the square scarves. Shaped like tiny diamonds, the print for The Nour Shawl is simple but enchanting enough to make one fall in love at first sight.

This collection comes in 6 exclusive shades of silky satin shawl. Each scarf comes with a signature Mira Filzah charm and in a customised box that's fun to be kept as collectibles or repurposed into something greater.

Satin Shawl
Measurement : 175 x 70 cm
Material: Satin (100% Polyester)
Laser-cut hem details
Signature Mira Filzah silver charm
Completely opaque
Not slippery and easy to style

Packaging Details:
The Nour collection comes beautifully packaged in its own customised box.

*Please be informed that the colours may slightly differ due to camera flash and/or computer screen settings