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Mastani Satin Shawl - Red Rose

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Variants: Mastani Satin Shawl - Red Rose

Mastani Satin Shawl - Cream
Mastani Satin Shawl - Lilas
Mastani Satin Shawl - Red Rose
Mastani Satin Shawl - Sapphire
Mastani Satin Shawl - Sea Grass
Mastani Satin Shawl - Sepia
Mastani Satin Shawl - Steel


The Mastani Collection is a tribute to the strength and elegance of iconic leading ladies in cinema, inspired by Mira Filzah's favorite character. Each scarf is a canvas painted with Bollywood's vibrant colors and intricate patterns, celebrating the empowerment and artistic finesse of women on and off screen. Discover a fusion of cinematic inspiration and timeless design that invites you to embrace its magic.

Each scarf comes with a signature Mira Filzah silver charm and in a customised box that's fun to be kept as collectibles or repurposed into something greater.

Satin Shawl
Measurement : 175 x 70 cm
Material: Satin (100% Polyester)
Laser-cut hem details
Signature Mira Filzah silver charm
Completely opaque
Not slippery and easy to style

Packaging Details:
Mastani collection comes with MF box.

*Please be informed that the colours may slightly differ due to camera flash and/or computer screen settings